Thick Hair Care Guide: How To Do it?

Thick Hair Care Guide: How To Do it?

Fast pace of life, people live a stressful life, stay up late, resulting in hair loss, receding hairline. Well, I can’t say what should be your hair care routine!

Because we all have different hair type and the needs are also different. So, guiding you about a particular hair care routine will be foolishness, and nothing else.

Look, I have also heard a lot of advices from a variety of people. From “pados waali aunty” to “parlor waali aunty”! And now I have just started ignoring them all.

I do what I feel like to do! And for my hair, I can never trust anybody, excluding my mother and grandmother. These two ladies are the only one’s which have saved my hair from going bad to worst.

When I was small, my grandmother used to do oiling on my hair and she used to tie my hair in two braids. What a lovely memories I had with her!

But today she is not with me! And so I have to take care of my hair. Yes, my mother too sometimes gives me a head massage.

Anyways, without wasting your time, I want to share my personal hair care routine. Like what I really do with my hair!

  • Oiling:

First and the most important step, Oiling! Well, being a working lady, I can’t always put oil on my hair. And so a day before washing my hair, I put oil on hair. Generally, I massage my scalp and hair with hot oil!

But it is not mandatory! You can also use normal oil as well. Now talking about the oil, then I use Parachute pure coconut oil. It’s best and makes my hair soft and shinny.

  • Shampoo:

Well, many girls go for the wrong shampoo and then they have to suffer a lot. I am not saying you to buy the shampoo which I do prefer, but if you will ask me then I do personally use Sunsilk shampoo for my hair.

From my childhood, I have been using this shampoo and till now I have not faced any issue with it. Yes, sometimes I even get major hair fall problems, but this happens due to having access tension, in-proper diet, pollution, changing weather, and so on.

So, if you think that 01 shampoo can make your hair grow long, thick and healthy then you are wrong. Just stick to a particular brand! Don’t change your shampoo every month or week.

And yes, look for a natural shampoo which consists of natural hair care ingredients.

  • Diet:

So, the most important thing! Well, oiling and shampooing your hair is important. But you also need to eat proper healthy fruits and vegetables to make your hair glow and grow naturally.

You need to fresh and green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Drink as much as water you can. And yes, avoid eating unhealthy, junk and oily food.

  • Additional things that I do:

Well, apart from these few steps, I use to have a hair mask every day. Wait, let me explain you. On Sunday, I use to put a thick paste on my hair, from the scalp to the tip. And the paste consists;

Curd - Helps my hair to fight hair fall.

Honey - Makes my hair super soft and shinny.

Aloe Vera gel - Helps to remove dandruff.

These three ingredients act as a pro and makes my hair look spa ready in half-an hour only. As I am marwadi, a pure vegetarian, so I don’t use egg on my hair. But egg also helps in making your hair softer, smoother, glossy, and shinny. So, if you want then you can also use egg as well.

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