5 Easy Braid Hairstyle in Summer

5 Easy Braid Hairstyle in Summer
In the summer, which hairstyle do you often wear with your clothes and your makeup? If you don’t have one yet, don’t sweat, we will introduce 15 easy long hair braid hairstyle.
These hairstyles will look fashion make you feel lighter and more relaxed in summertime. Of course, you will look more super cute and beautiful. That’s definitely a double win, Follow us guide.

A Low High Ponytail

Obviously, the high ponytail suitable all people, and it’s easy to braid it, you only need a comb and a rubber band. You can do it a little higher, a little in the middle, a little lower. According to your own. If your hair is short, you can buy BLL Hair Extension to add your hair length and volume, then make a messy volume ponytail, more better.

Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

This is quite, cute, and simple hairstyle will be nice your comfort for workout or a barbecue weekend. However, how to make a messy bun with long thick hair? Make a Ponytail, if your hair have not enough length or volume, you can use 3 clips or 4 clips hair extensions to add your hair volume, so that you can get a full bun. When you don’t know how to choose Hair extension’s brand, you can choose BLL Hair Extensions. BLL Hair are 100% remy human hair extensions. You can make any hairstyle, and you can curl, and dyed it.

A Bubble Ponytail

First bubble ponytail is simple and trendy. The hair style is very popular in 2022. For This look, you need to braid a high ponytail, and depending on the length of your hair, then you need to separate sections of bubbles, you can create or try using more or less sections. But I think it’s more better that you have a long length hair. Last the last one hairstyle, if you haven’t enough hair length, you can wear hair extensions to add your ponytail’s length and volume. This is an easy to wear version of the ponytail and it will suit everyone. For a more sophisticated look, use a headband that matches the hairstyle in the photo.


Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle braid is different from a regular fishtail braid because it contains all the hair on the top of the head, not just the bottom. This braid that can be styles to suit all your hairstyle needs, works for everything. You will have suitable version of the French fishtail braid to go with. All long length can be make this braid hairstyle, it has a universal appeal. When you dance the one night without worrying about your hair coming undone.

A Relaxed French Braid

This everyday french braid is everything you want in a hairstyle. Because it’s very easy to look effortless, and you can really play around with the style. Wear as a funky ponytail, up in stylish bun, or in fabulous side braids. As soon as you know how to french braid you can mix up the style and come up with as many different looks as you like.

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