Why don't Chinese People Usually Have Curly Hair?

Why don't Chinese People Usually Have Curly Hair?

It is mainly determined by the living environment and climatic factors. Most of the ancestors of Asian races originated in the warm and humid temperate zone. The long years have created genes. The hair is moist and naturally vertical. Of course, the most direct reason is the DNA that determines the shape of the hair follicle. Straight hair follicles have long straight hair, and curly hair follicles have long curly hair. Most black people have thick and curly hair, many Europeans and Americans also have naturally curly hair, while most Asians have straight hair!

Does Skin Color Determine The Texture of Your Hair?

But, Not all yellow people are straight hair, but some yellow people are curly hair, but white and black people have curly hair because of genetics, because white and black people have straight hair. There is a gene that makes the hair curly, so whites and blacks have curly hair, but in the genes of the yellow race there are genes for value and curly hair, so the yellow race has straight hair and curly hair.

So most people spend a certain amount of money on hair color every year, for example: Oriental people think: what kind of white-skinned person looks good? Should have a high nose bridge, high forehead, white skin, and a beautiful blond hair. Like my blonde, Scarlett Johansson, with stunning blonde hair.

Why We Dye Our Hair? And The Dangers of Dyeing Your Hair

  1. On the Hollywood red carpet, celebrities wear the most fashionable items and have attractive hair. On the one hand, it is to catch up with the trend and dye the most popular color for a limited time to enhance their beauty.
  2. The other side is that people like my mom are in their 50s and have natural white hair. Hair is dyed to cover up white hair.

So, no matter yellow skin, white skin, black skin are the same, but often dye hair perm will damage the hair follicles on your scalp, if you don't pay attention to take care of your hair. For a long time, will lead to hair loss, hair dry hair.

I suggest you can try hair extension, and hair extensions have some types: tape-ins, clip-ins, and sew-ins hair extensions. Most people choose clip-ins extensions, because it’s easy and quickly to remove and install to your natural hair at home, and less damage. Today you think the color doesn't suit your clothes styles. You can change to other color and hairstyles, to match your social setting and mood.

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