What Size Hair Extensions Do I Need?

What Size Hair Extensions Do I Need?
Do you thick hair or thin hair? You only want to add your hair length, or add hair length and volume. It’s different that determining just the length is not enough to cover up your natural hair. The lowest grams, long remy human Clips, won't block your natural hair. Remy human hair believes that one size (or gram) does not fit all!  Everyone is different, so it makes sense that you need some options to get the best match.
Here is a guide to help you determine which gram weight is best for you.
You must have at 6-7inch(15-18cm), this is the minimum hair length of hair extensions. If your natural hair is shorter than that, the hair extensions might look unnatural because shorter hair can’t allow to be covered up by remy clips extensions.
If your natural hair is thin and short, and you don't want to expose it to unnecessary risk, then you should extend it to shoulder length. If you really want to install hair extensions, this time you can install tape-ins hair extensions. Tape-ins are almost invisible, making them ideal for women with short hair.
If your natural hair is thin, fine and long, a smaller gram weight will give you plenty of fullness and volume. You fit 100 gram and 120 gram (7 pieces/pack), They will add your hair volume. If you want to get a longer length, more than 20inch. You can choose 200 gram or higher (22inch).
This method choose your hair extensions, will be extra full and your length will be natural-looking. If your natural hair is fragile, We don’t recommend to too high of a gram weight, if the extensions tend to get heavy and add your natural stress to the hair which can cause breakage.
If you have average thickness, most extension gram weights will work. To add some volume, go with a 100g to 120 grams. To create thick full hair get 220g to 280 grams. If you are creating length, (20 to 22,inches long) to get full thick hair, stay with a larger gram weight, (220 grams, 280 grams or larger).
If you have thick hair and want to create length, you will need to go with a high gram weight. The higher gram weight sets will blend with the ends of your natural hair much better. (220g to 280g) If you don't have a high gram weight set, then you will be able to see where your thick natural hair stops, and the extensions begin. High gram weights will be enough hair to blend with your thick ends.
Which one length is the most popular?

This hair extensions length chart will help to choose right length of hair:

Inches Centimeters Straight Hair Wavy Hair Curly Hair
14 35 Upper Back Shoulers Chin Length
16 40 Bra Strap Upper Back Shoulders
18 45 Shoulderblades Bra Strap Upper Back
20 50 Mid Back Shoulderblades Bra Strap
22 55 Mid Back Mid Back Shouldblades


To simply, answer the question “what length hair extensions do i need”?  Based on our long-time experience as a major of hair extensions, we can say 18-22inches (45-50-55cm). Most women choose this hair length to add your hair length and volume. We recommend that you first measure the length, then purchase the hair pieces. The above content has been explained to you, please also according to your hair quality and hair length.  Avoid damaging your.

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