How to Care For Your Hair?

How to Care For Your Hair?
Hair is the best foil for a person's face. With the pressure of life, our hair is also tormented, with hair loss, split ends, dandruff, dry and frizzy hair, etc., which have been bothering us all the time, so how do we all take care of our hair? 

Use Your Own Shampoo (Massage Your Scalp)

When washing your hair, buy your own shampoo. Don't follow suit. When washing your hair, try to rub your scalp with your fingers and never use your nails. Can not use nails to scratch the scalp directly, so easy to cause damage to the scalp, scalp allergy and cause excessive dandruff, oil secretion and other conditions. Always use a good conditioner after shampooing.

Treat your hair

  • Hair conditioner: after cleaning the hair, generally want to go on the hair conditioner, because the hair conditioner can quickly tighten the hair scales opened by shampoo, make the hair smooth and shiny, but the hair conditioner can not go to the root of the hair, it will make the hair oily. The conditioner will hydrate your hair, making it softer and easier to brush. It will also cause less damage to your hair after showering. Just apply conditioner to the middle or end of your hair, otherwise it will look even more oily. Use a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. The leave-in conditioner penetrates into the cuticle of ziyang hair to repair damaged hair more completely.
  • Spa treatment: You can also do a spa treatment at home. After washing your hair, twist your hair until it doesn't drip, apply it to your hair like conditioner, wrap your hair in a hot towel, and when the towel is a little cold, wash your hair for the same effect as the spa treatment outside.
  • Pour mask: For inverted membrane this stuff, I always think too much trouble, so, want to do, but also do well for a long time, actually at home, the using time of shower, you can do it, after washing the hair, the hair conditioner on hair, don't come up to the hair root, and then tied her hair bag inside the shower cap, shower, wash clothes time, can clean hair, simple, Save trouble.
  • Hair Dryer: hair dryer is not to say no, but to use the right, in the barber shop inside the hair is generally dry and then blow modeling, hair nutrition has been blown away, so long-term hair salon shampoo modeling people are generally of bad hair quality.
  • Essential Oils: Try using leave-in conditioner after your shower. Sprays will make your hair softer and smoother. Try a deep treatment every now and then. You can use deep treatments like olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

Regular Hair Root

Hair grows at an average rate of about 1.5cm a month. If you want to maintain healthy hair growth, it is best to cut off about 8mm of hair every 8 weeks. If you see any split ends, cut them off

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

We should take in enough vitamins. Because the main component of hair is protein, I want to assure the intake of lean meat so, wait for balanced collocation with whole wheat, fruit, vegetable. A healthy diet will help you grow beautiful black hair.

Make sure you're getting plenty of vitamin C (which strengthens hair), iron (which helps blood cells transport oxygen efficiently), zinc (which boosts metabolism and repairs damaged hair), and omega-3 fatty acids (which promote healthy hair growth).

Wait patiently for the results. Dietary changes won't have immediate results, but trust that new hair will be healthy and beautiful. Soon, you'll have a beautiful head of hair.

Reduce stress in life. Physical and psychological stress can affect hair growth. Too much stress can lead to hair loss, so give yourself a timely release of stress. Get enough sleep. Silk or satin pillows prevent long hair from splitting. Silk has much less friction than cotton, and it contains amino acids that protect skin and hair.

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