5 Tips Care for Your Rountine and Your Hair Extensions

5 Tips Care for Your Rountine and Your Hair Extensions

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Because of the fast pace of life, irregular diet, staying up late to work overtime, will lead to greasy hair dry, even if again good-looking to your image will be greatly discounted. Taking care of our hair is like taking care of our skin. You can find the sequence and method that works best for you, and once you find the right method, you won't be confused anymore. Now I will help you analyze how to do nursing, and what are the steps of nursing?

If you're currently wearing hair extensions, you can use same way to care it, clip-ins hair extension have to be removed to wash it, will be last a long time. 

5 Tips for Hair Care

1. Wash Corrently Your Hair: Avoid washing your hair every day. Some people are so clean that they wash their hair every day. If your scalp is oily skin, you can wash your hair 2-3 times a week. If the frequency is too high, it will cause damage to your scalp and hair. General neutral, dry hair can be washed 1-2 times a week. Because now a lot of people dye their hair, although they have used mild potions, but there are chemical components in hair dye. If you color your hair regularly, it will damage the hair follicles on the scalp, and if you wash your hair regularly, it will cause frequent hair loss. So we should wash our hair according to the correct frequency, to protect our scalp.

2. The Right Shampoo for You: If it is more oily hair, dandruff more, you can choose functional oil control, dandruff shampoo, such as ketoconazole lotion, selenium disulfide lotion, compound sulfur lotion, etc.; If it is neutral, dry hair, to use soft not too alkaline, containing strong surfactant components of shampoo, so as not to damage the scalp and hair.

3. Proper Hair Conditioner: Because after using shampoo, hair is dry and hair scales are hit. If you do not pay attention to care, it is easy to appear dry and bifurcation. Do not stay too long, when using hair conditioner, evenly smear the conditioner on the hair, focus on the hair end, pay attention to not smear, so as not to aggravate the secretion of scalp oil, resulting in hair looks very oily, and then gently massage, wash with warm water.

Tips: After massage, it is best to let the conditioner stay on the hair for 5 minutes, so that the hair can fully absorb the nutrition of the conditioner.

4. Hair Care: Treat your hair with Moroccan essential oils. After shampooing, drizzle 1-3ml of Moroccan oil into your hands, rub it several times and apply directly to your hair, especially the ends, then use a comb to untangle tangled hair. When your hair is dry, squeeze two drops into your palms, rub them together, and then apply to your hair. Stick to it and it will improve your dryness of your hair tail.

Treat your hair with fresh aloe vera:

ALOE VERA benefits:

- anti-inflammatory actions that may help reduce scalp irritation

- moisturizing effect

- enzyme and fatty acid content that may help reduce inflammation

- vitamins C, E, B-12, folic acid, and choline content that may help nourish and strengthen hair

Depending on your hair volume, you can take appropriate fresh aloe vera. Rub it into your hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then shampoo it off.

Alternatively, you can squeeze the aloe vera into juice and pour it into 1, 000ml of water to blend them together. Soak hair in aloe vera and soak scalp for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

5. Avoid Hair Damage Operations: such as frequent perm, hair color, using electric hair dryer, etc., easy to cause hair damage, so it is recommended to avoid.  I've already explained the first point above. Coloring and perming can easily change the texture of your hair.  We try to choose some safe products and go to the barber shop.  Minimize the number of perms and coloring. If you want to change your hair color, you can use hair Extensions, especially clip-ins or Halo hair Extensions.  You can use heat-lessflexi rods and curl ribbon to change your hairstyle.  These way you can always change your hairstyle and color at home and increase your hair length.  


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