Tape-in Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know

Tape-in Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know
We should know tape-in hair extensions. The Biggest advantage of tapes that as they are the lightest and least damaging type of permanent extension meaning they suitable for all hair types from very fine hair to thick. Of course, when you get remy human hair extensions, you can make any hairstyles, and curling any hairstyles.


What are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tapes are a type of permanent hair extension consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab that is attached to the hair. Tape-ins are one to one and a half inches of sections of hair that pre-taped with medical-grade glue to your hair. The hair extensions have to be professionally installed by a licensed cosmetologist.
The sticky part of the tape is covered by a paper tab that is easily peeled away when you are ready to use them, the sticky tab can be removed and re-taped with each use making this method not only super quick and easy but cost effective too. Tape extensions come in all different lengths and colours, they are also able to be cut to create smaller pieces for a subtle highlight effected. According to your natural hair, you can use flexibly the hair extensions.
When you don’t want to go salon store, you can install it directly at home, and BLL tape-ins hair extension have 20 slices of tape extensions in one lot, usually use 40 pieces to full a head. BLL are 100% remy human hair extension. You can follow me to learn these steps
First, you need to section of your natural hair before installation. (Mistake: the tape extensions are installed too close your scalp, causing tension and pain)
Before Getting Started, make sure your natural hair are cleaning and dry, avoid to getting any of your natural oils on the tape or wefts.

Install Tape-Ins Hair Extension

Section off your natural hair. Allow at least 1 inch of space from your hairline. Then when you install these hair.
First begin brick layering the tapes, row 1 is 2 tape sandwiches in the nape, row 2 is 3 tapes and next 4 then 6 tape from temple to temple. This fills in each section of hair evenly.

How to Remove Tape-in Hair Extensions?

To remove tape-in hair extensions, need to attention your ways. Because tape-ins are a medical-grade glue to stick your natural hair. It’s easy to remove it when you use baby oil or any essential oil on your tape. At this point, starting rubbing the oil into the tape extensions. Please don’t be in a hurry to pull the tape extensions, leave the oil on tape of at least keep 10-15 minutes, allow the oil enough time to dissolve the glue. then do this row by row. Oil will helps you to break up any glue. Then starting row by row to remove the hair extensions. Repeat the method to get all of the tape hair extensions out. However, removing the extensions using oil might take more time compared to adhesive remover. It usually takes an hour to remove the residues of the tape-ins extensions completely.
Tape-ins will last from eight to ten weeks, depending on new natural hair growth and quality of extensions. Once the hair has grow out quite a bit, the extension will be removed by a processional. The method has been shown to you and is very simple. As long as you follow the same method, it's very easy to remove and make the process painless, leaving your natural hair undamaged. If you think still not, you can go to salon store to help you.

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