Which is Better, Wigs or Hair Extensions?

Which is Better, Wigs or Hair Extensions?
It’s all a matter of choice and condition. Everyone has different tastes, so it depends on what you like. Before you choose any wig, first you need to know that there are different wigs available in stores and decide which one is best for you.
Some people prefer to wear these wigs because of their health condition. However, some of the women developed cancer and lost their hair. They may want to wear hair extensions to cover their head until they return to their natural hair.
Now let me bring up the differences between wigs and hair extensions. Hair extensions cover a portion of the scalp whereas the wig covers the entire

If you are losing your original hair then a wig is the best choice and you will not have to waste time on styling it all the time. It keeps your scalp warmer even if you wear it all day. And it’s easy to use other than wearing a hair extension.
Wigs have been used for centuries and modern advances have made them more natural, comfortable and durable than ever before. The wig can be adjusted to fit any face or head shape and can cover up any cosmetic blemishes caused by a medical condition. Wigs come in natural and synthetic hair styles and colors. Find one that matches your own color and regular style, or choose a brand new one. The possibilities are endless.
Some women prefer using hair extensions, mostly those who can’t grow their hair long. Extension hair looks natural if they are 100% human Remy and also adds extra volume and length. Those who like styling hair can use the extension as it’s easy to be curled, styled and straightened.
As said before, it's your personal choice which one you may want to wear and feel comfortable. I hope the above differences may help you in choosing between wigs and hair extensions.
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