20 Easy Bun Updo Hairstyle for Summer

20 Easy Bun Updo Hairstyle for Summer

There are many kinds of women's charm, charming, cold, sexy, cute, mysterious, and so on. Hairstyle is one of the decisive factors in determining your aura. Different occasions, we braids different hairstyles to match our clothes. No matter what kind of personality it is, the most important hairstyle that suits you and you like. Because we have different body and face shapes, please read this article from writer to choose your summer hairstyle.

Why use hair extensions or wigs?

Hair grows slowly and the cycle is very long. For us to try different styles, the process was long. At this time you have derived hair wig and hair extensions, these two can immediately meet our needs. But most of them usually use hair extensions now, because hair is heavier and can be sultry in summer. You can choose to go to the local salon store. But the cost is relatively high, but the hairdresser can help you design your own hairstyle and color through hair extensions. Of course, You can also choose to shop online, there are very detailed instructions for use and hair color comparison charts on the Internet. And most of e-store (for example: BLL Hair)have no reasons to return the service. It’s also very convenient.

No matter which one you choose to add length and volume to your hair, it's all about adding glamour to yourself, while also allowing you to braid into a variety of hairstyles. Fancy, casual, sexy, boho, sporty, and beyond, there’s one hairstyle that can accommodate any mood.

Buns have never gone out of style, but with Meghan Markle making them royally hip, it's time to think of all the ways to wear this classic updo. Summer is coming soon, so for added freshness, bun and updo hair styles are perfect for summer. 

Knotted Easy Messy a Big Bun

A high bun is cute and classic, Loosely scatter two strands of hair to better complement the face shape.


Low Bun with a Twist


Knotless box braids with high bun


Frenchie French braids updo


Side braid a bun


Big Ballerina Bun



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