The Best Clip-In Hair extension

The Best Clip-In Hair extension

As your scour the internet for bridal hair inspiration, keep in mind that most of those amazing styles you see on the red carpet have one thing in common-Clip in hair extension. They’ re the tried-and-true Holly-Wood secret for adding not only length but also lots of volume.

For those new to the extension game, clip-in extensions are essentially super-thin cloth strips featuring individual wefts (aka a collection of hair strands) that are attached to clips, which can be snapped onto your hair near your scalp. We use remy human hair to make this clip in hair extension. And human hair has a softer, silkier and more moisturized texture. These extensions are made from a natural protein and are therefore much softer to touch. Synthetic hair extensions have a rougher, dryer texture as they are not made from natural proteins and therefore do not retain moisture.

The primary advantage of clip-in hair extensions is that they're easy to apply, saving you money from going on expensive trips to the salon to have them applied. You can apply these extensions anywhere you're most comfortable, and you won't have to use heat or glue to put them on.

Where can I get the best hair extensions ?

Are you finding hair extensions? and near me. There are many Clip-ins in our store that would be happy to meet your needs. Before deciding which one hair you can go to local salon hair to consider how much hair you need or want.  

These decide to choose which one hair extensions.

Seamless Clip-in Hair Extension:

Seamless hair extensions are made using a silicone backing at the top of the piece rather than wefts sewn to a piece of lace or fabric. Clips are then hand sewn to the silicone backing. They are designed for people who want to a lighter and thinner clip in extension method. Seamless hair extensions lay completely flat to your head. They are super lightweight that is made for thin hair.

Seamless hair extensions are perfect for anyone with fine to normal hair as the seamless wefts are really lightweight and virtually undetectable. It’s also a good option if you like creating sleek looks as the wefts lay flat to your head so you can get your hair to lie super smooth.

Classic Clip In Hair Extension:

Classic clip in hair extensions are made by sewing the hair onto a piece of durable fabric which is the traditional method of making clip-in hair extensions. They help to add volume at your roots and they totally transform your hair without any damage.

Halo Clip In Hair Extension:

The halo hair extension is the newest type of hair extension that does not attach to your own hair. Instead it makes use of your heads natural shape and sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a hidden wire. However, your own natural hair will sit on top of the halo firmly holding it in place. This is in contrast to most all other hair extension types that attach to your actual hair in some way.

These have 3 types clip in hair extensions on BLL Hair, let us know in the comments of you like this tutorial.

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Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions

Amazing quality 100% remy human hair extensions but now with thin, seamless silicone wefts for ultimate comfort.

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