What Would You Choose, Synthetic Hair or Human Hair Extensions?

What Would You Choose, Synthetic Hair or Human Hair Extensions?

Why do We Install Hair Extensions?

Some people in ancient Greece and Rome thought that balding people were punished by Heaven and considered them sinners. Civil and military officials in Ancient Rome refused to give jobs to balding men, and even the Roman Council passed the "Statute of Baldness" forbidding balding men from running for parliament. Balding slaves were sold for half the price. Bald men began wearing wigs to improve their appearance in order to avoid discrimination. In the 20th century, new artificial hair technology was developed in the United States, making hair more affordable and making them popular again. Nowadays, hairs have become a necessity of people's life just like clothes, jewelry, shoes and perfume.

  1. To hide hair loss, hairs cover hair loss and make you look younger. And wearing a comfortable, realistic wigs or hair extensions, what we call a human hair, enhances his image even further.
  2. The image presentation of stars and celebrities requires many stars to change their styling frequently. Like the red carpet, the amazing amount of hair. They use hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions, such as tape-ins, sew-ins, clip-ins and so on. Or news anchors, they will wear human hair wigs to show mature and elegant temperament, and their speeches will be more convincing to improve the professionalism and authenticity of the news.
  3. Some people like to Cosplay various characters when they attend comic con, so they need all kinds of wigs and costumes. This wig is different from the wig worn everyday, the colors and shapes are more exaggerated, but also more personal eye-catching.
  1. Black womens are in great demand, mainly due to the geographical environment and physiological characteristics, in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other African countries, due to the dry climate, people's hair is dry, slow growth, a little longer on the roll. Their real hair is usually only one or two centimetres long and furry, and when it reaches a certain length, it falls off and regrows, never growing at all. So they wear hair extensions  and wigs to change their appearance.

Types Of Hair Extensions Based On Material

Synthetic Hair

Chemical fiber can be divided into three kinds: high temperature silk, low temperature silk, protein silk.

High temperature silk: under the condition of temperature control, used for making curly hair style, can be ironed, easy to care and preserve.

Low temperature silk: used for styling and also for making fake bangs. Disadvantages: easy deformation, not easy to take care of, not high temperature, belong to flammable goods

Albumen silk feels close to human hair, with higher fidelity, and can be used to make various types of hair wig and extensions.

Human Hair

This kind of material hair is made of processed real hair, divided into: China hair, India hair, Brazil hair, Myanmar hair, Vietnam hair, Mongolia hair and so on, its characteristics are: realistic, natural, feel and real hair almost, and not easy to knot, but also can be baked, dyed, hot, can change the hairstyle.

How to distinguish chemical fiber hair and real person hair?


When human hair burns, it turns into powder. When you rub it in your hand, it will disappear. The smell is the smell of burnt hair.

When it burns, it shrinks into a black knot. It's hard, and it smells like burned plastic.


What are the types of Hair Extensions?


The highest quality of human hair that you can find on the market right now is Remy hair, The same type of hair that our hair extensions at BLL are made of. So if you're looking for high-quality hair extensions, look no further than our own hair extensions here at BLL Hair.

Types hair extensions: tape-ins, clip-ins, sew-ins, halo hair extensions, fusion hair extension.

Clip-ins are arguably the world's most popular form of temporary hair extensions.
Even if you're a complete beginner, they're the easiest way to get extensions. Because it is easy to wear and take off, it is very convenient and can be used in various ways.

Tape-ins are harder to hide once your hair starts growing. After all, as your hair grows, the tape will start moving down your strands too. When this happens, you need to get it removed and reapplied, Which can be damaging to your hair.

Halo hair extensions are an easy one-step method to lengthen and thicken your hair. They are perfect for first-time users and easy to put on in just a few minutes. Instead of trimming or sewing weft, halo extensions sit gently on top of your head, held in place by a thin, invisible thread. maintenance can be pretty difficult. Since tape-ins are applied with an adhesive, your hairstylist will probably tell you to avoid using certain conditioners or oils. This is because of specific ingredients that may dissolve the glue used to tape the extensions to your hair.

Fusion hair exntension also known as pre-bonded hair, fusion hair extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension that is applied to your strands using heat and keratin glue. The process can take up to 5 hours in total since the adhesive has to be thoroughly dried first.

Keep in mind that once you get these extensions uninstalled from your hair, they can’t be reused anymore. So you’d have to buy new extensions every time you want them “reapplied”. Depending on how quickly your hair grows or how worn out your extensions are, this cycle can get really vicious, really quickly.


How do We Choose Human hair or synthetic hair?

We can follow your own needs, if you want the same style as the stars, and natural, amazing hair volume. You can choose human hair, which can be dyed and changed. There are many brands on the market. If you don't know which one is more suitable for you, I can recommend BLL wig hair extensions to you. The quality will be guaranteed. Synthetic hair is cheaper, so you can buy bangs or ponytails for a playful touch that will make you look younger. If you want to know more about wigs, you can read this article and hopefully it will help you. If you don't know where to buy, you can choose the BLL hair extensions I recommend to you.

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