Clip-In VS Tape-In Hair Extensions, What's Best For You?

Clip-In VS Tape-In Hair Extensions, What's Best For You?

Have you used hair extensions before? Or Are you using some hair extensions? Do you choose human hair or synthetic hair extensions? If you are hesitating to choose which one hair extensions, or which one material hair extensions, Come on, according to our guide, you will get a good choice.


First, we want to tell you human hair is very best, you know human hair are 100% remy hair extensions, cut from young girl or many donors. There are many factories to make hair in Xuchang city, this is birthplace of hair. They manufacture all kind of hair type, export to other’s counties. And If you want to get best hair, a good choice of remy human hair. They look more natural, last longest, and provide the most styling options.


You Know How to Choose Hair Extensions For Summer?


Not all persons hair are fluffy and volume. I think hair extensions is necessity as a glamorous dress can be in our wardrobe. Because use these hair extension can be make your hair more long and more volume. Whatever hairstyle you need, it you will get you there in no time. So why should we hesitate? When you get own a set of hair extension, it can be worth with any outfit and your makeup. Stop dysphoric when your short hair will grow out. What they say is true, long hair. Of course, I’m not express short hair isn’t bad, I believe all women want to get have a long wonderful hair.


And when you choose remy human hair, you can be colored, styled braid any hairstyle. Summer is hot, when your hair is short, you can use hair extensions, add your hair length, then braid a ponytail or a bun.


Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clips are sewn on to lace fabric on the top of the weft. Of course clip-ins have classic and seamless clip-ins, according to your require, you can choose it. And clip-in hair extensions are perfect solution for a quick and easy change of hairstyle. Use them to add length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow out, and highlights by choosing a lighter color without changing your own hair. Clip-ins are perfect for beginners, anyone can wear without practice or experience. 

Of course, clips have seamless clip-ins, classic clip-ins, and halo hair extensions. According to your require, you can choose your like type of hair extensions.


Tape-In Hair Extensions


Adhesive bonding is a strip of adhesive stuck to the root with heated glue. "Tape insertion works in a 'sandwich', which means you put a thin strand of hair between two strands and they all stick together at the root," Ross explains. "The hair you clip in the middle needs to be very thin, about 1⁄8 inch, so that the adhesive on both sides can stick together through the hair. If you pinch two fingers together and can feel them through your hair, it's ok."

Completing the application process can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. As a result, prices can be slightly higher, usually starting above $200. However, the tape plugin is the easiest to manage and has the fastest setup time of all semi-permanent hair extensions. To take better care of them, you should carefully clean and style them. Rose recommends avoiding sulfates or oil-based products to prevent the adhesive itself from becoming loose or drying out (since no one wants hair to fall out during the event). The tape lasts 8 to 12 weeks and then needs to be removed (using a solvent spray).

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