Different Types of Extensions For Hair

Different Types of Extensions For Hair
While this may seem like a very simple answer, it's actually very complicated. If you seriously research what is the best female hairstyle, there are many variables and issues to consider. Every woman should choose her own hairstyle and style. 
There are many things to consider about this very complicated problem. Please note that I'm not trying to be judgmental in my answer. Personally, I think every woman cuts her hair into whatever makes her feel good about herself. 
Next, we need to consider some additional quantitative factors:
On a technical level.
However, technically speaking, choosing a hairstyle that makes a woman feel best about herself is not the same as choosing the best hairstyle for her age, occupation, overall lifestyle, hairstyle type (hair diameter, cuticle shape, overall composition), head shape and face shape.

Which Hair Extensions Are Right for Your Hair Goal?

These are many different styles of extensions. Although BLL Hair Extensions are 100% remy human hair. There are extensions that you can wear for a day and others that are meant to be worn for months. In choosing your best option, you'll want to consider your lifestyle, budget, and level of commitment. 
Types of Hair Extensions:
  • Clip-in Hair Extensions
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Glue-in Hair Extensions
  • Sewn-in Hair Extensions
  • Micro Link Hair Extensions
  • Fusion Hair Extensions
Clip In Hair Extensions: Best Choice For You
Clip-ins come in a strand of contoured pieces, attached at the base with either fabric or silicone. Clips are attached to this base and come ready to use. You only have to do this clip the pieces to your natural hair all on your own! Each clip snaps can open and close with ease, please see here for how to clip them in.
Clip-ins hair extensions are the least permanent style of extensions because you can quickly install and remove them to your natural hair, and clip-ins usually take 5-15minutes to install at home. It also the least damage, because it needn’t to involve any chemical, heat, pressure, or other installation methods mentioned above-they are easy and simple that clip into your natural hair so there is zero damage to your natural hair. This is one of the many reasons why it’s one of the most popular hair extension types.
Especially, when choose human hair extensions, they blend seamlessly with your own hair. They are hairpieces with small toupee clips, and 8 pieces clip hair weft can hidden your natural thin hair. You can wear them for special occasions or daily if you want.

Tape-In Hair Extensions: If You Are Considering This Service

  • the magic of tape-in extensions
  • maintenance visits
  • caring for term at home
  • Investment

We offer Hot Heads Tape-In Extensions at Spark for a few reasons, they are efficient to apply which saves you time and money. The hair is extremely high quality and you will have less damage to your natural hair with Hotheads gentle adhesive remover. You are able to create multi-dimensional color, add highlights and pops of fantasy colors with our hair extensions. Every look is personalized for you. Tape-in extensions are light weight and comfortable to wear. Typically you can double length of your hair and still have your extensions look natural. It is also easier to blend haircuts that you are desiring to grow out with tape-in extensions. The typical tape-in hair extensions application takes less than 2 hours to create your desired look.


Sew-In Hair Extensions: If You Make it, Look More Natural

A look can be customized to work perfectly with your hair.  Hand-tied wefts are great for ultra-fine hair, they're thinner and lighter.  They're hand-stitched and as delicate as your natural hair.  The machine weft is denser and heavier, making it ideal for medium thick hair types.  They are flexible and extremely flat to keep your extension seamless and unobtrusive.  Sewn extensions are the best option when you want to make already "long" hair longer and fuller.  We also found that this method works best with hair of medium texture and density to help bead rows stay tight between raised applications.  Due to the "slippery" texture of the hair, the beads tend to slip off and require frequent maintenance.


Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions:

Fusion hair extensions (also known as bonding or pre-bonded) are fused to natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. Applying pre-bonded hair extensions take approximately 3-4 hours to apply and are also applied by a hairdresser. Fusion extensions might not be suitable for all clients as this type of application is very damaging to your natural hair, so your hairdresser may even advise against this method. The application involves a machine that looks like a hot glue gun, which essentially glues the hair to individual strands of the natural hair. Another type of application for pre-bonded hair extensions uses a heat clamp to melt the glue to the natural hair.


Microlink Hair Extensions: You Can Try Once

Microlink hair extensions are also known as micro bead hair extensions or micro loop hair extensions. These are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. Then, a special tool is used to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold it in place. Although this method does not use heat or glue, if not installed correctly by a professional, microlink hair extensions can be damaging on the hair. The bead may be tightened too much, causing pressure and pulling at the roots, and if not removed properly, the hair can be pulled out. This method takes approximately 2-4 hours to apply.


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