How To Install Seamless Hair Extensions?

How To Install Seamless Hair Extensions?

What's Seamless Extensions?

Nowadays, in order to catch up with the trend, most people like to perm and dye their hair.  But doing this too often can damage your hair.  Long-term use of hair colorants can also cause cancer.  So we have to choose the right way to treat our hair.  You can choose to bring hair extension. Not only increase the volume of your hair, but also increase the length. Choose a hair type to avoid damaging your hair as well.  You can choose clip-ins exntensions, because it's easy and quickly to remove and install to your natural hair at home, no damage. 

Seamless-in hair extensions are one of the most popular clips out there, and they've been around for a while. They are made with the finest remy hair attached to a thin silicon layer that can fit seamlessly your head. Remy hair can be braid any hairstyles. In this blog, we're going to discuss with seamless hair extensions. 


BLL Hair 20 inch seamless hair extensions detail information:

180g, 8 pieces
2 x 4-clip weft (8")
2 x 3-clip wefts (6")
2 x 2-clip wefts (4")
2 x 1-clip wefts (1")

There is a Professional Alligator Clips for hair.

Here's what you need to prepare for the card:

A scrunchies to tie your hair up with a clip, and a brush to tease your hair before you clip the seamless hair extensions, or you can use a rat-tail comb. If your hair is more thinner, you need to prepare a hairspray.

  1. Comb The Clip-ins Extensions

When get this hair package, please wash the clip-ins hair firstly. Follow the washing steps as you would your own hair, care for it, and blow dry with a blow dryer. Then use a comb to smooth out the 8 clips.

  1. Open These Clips

Use your left thumb and index finger, and right index and thumb respectively, hold the two sides of the card, press up, the middle part of the card will pop out. It's so easy, it's like switching on and off.

  1. Part Your Hair

First, section hair on top, using a rat-tail comb, make a part. Use the hair clips to secure the hair above the part. Holding the tip of the hair piece, insert your finger into the hair piece and comb it from top to bottom. In order to prolong the life, the finishing force is as soft as possible. Press the clip on the development piece. You can choose how to wear these 8 clips according to your head shape.

If you don't know exactly how to do it, you can watch our YouTube video. 

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