How Long Do Hair Clip Extensions Last?

How Long Do Hair Clip Extensions Last?
We know the clip-in extensions is very simple, and beginners and advanced extensions users can install them, because it’s easier to install and remove whenever you want. They’re one of the Best type hair extensions, adding to your natural hair length and volume.
However, there is more than just purchasing “Remy Human Hair” and taking good care of it. Of course, Hair extensions are an investment, and here are some other factors that can help you get the most for your money.
Let show you a few facts:
  1. Human hair beings to dry out once it is cut and no longer has access to the natural oils from your scalp. Your best bet is to buy from a company who sells high grade hair and will custom make your hair extensions from fresh cut hair, for example, BLL Hair company has to constantly buy fresh, new stock hair. Because they have a factory, they not only sells online, but also supplies other stores. So please don't worry, their hair is in stock. They keep updating their Hair Extensions every month. So you must buy new stock hair extensions. And fresh hair extension you can keep more longer, and that will maximize your extension dollars.
  2. It’s always best to chose high quality remy human hair, Please look at these words--100% remy human hair. Find companies that publish the hair grades they sell in their descriptions. The devil is in the details, and companies that hide this information in the background, or don't declare it at all, tend to be low-level. If they can't answer you, buyer beware!
  3. Good hair lasts longer, typically up to a year or more, and has an aligned cuticle.  Centaurs have cuticle attachment and alignment, or all hair strands have cuticle alignment in the same direction. This is what makes your hair silky and almost knot-free. (Just like the hair on your head, there is no hair that will never knot, and if someone sells you unknotted hair, run!) And the hair of the Centaur. Yes, it's common for hair manufacturers to mix animal hair together to keep costs down. Make sure you use 100% Centaur hair, not all human hair. Also make sure 100 percent of your hair is not mixed with synthetic fibers. This hair is often referred to as a "100% human hair blend" and is referred to as 100% human hair, (they just omit the rayon part).
  4. Minimize exposure to HEAT.  Heat styling tools are the worst enemy of all hair, drying it out.  (This includes your natural hair). Using heat protectors and low temperature Settings, air dry as much as possible, curl wet hair with curlers to allow it to dry overnight, and condition your hair to add or retain moisture.  If you don't take care of your hair extension, your life will be shorter and shorter.  If you care for your natural hair the same way.  I'm sure you'll take longer. Please remember this is your investment.
  5. Use a professional hair color and a well-known brand on the market.  Use unknown ones, they are very abrasive and will damage your extension.  BLL uses professional processes and hair dyes.  Additional chemical treatments that do not damage the appearance of Hair Extensions can damage and damage hair.  The dye process at a quality hair company can take five days or more.  They use cold water treatment to gently and slowly lift the color out of the hair and then resettle the color back into the hair.  This process protects and prolongs the life of hair.  This process can also allow you to re-dye your hair.  When recoloring, you may need to adjust the developer number to deposit a new color on your hair.  If the color is darker, it usually takes much less time.  Before dyeing your hair, consult a professional hair colorist who is experienced in chemically treating extended hair.
  6. Use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that you feel are great for your own hair.  Try to stay away from products that contain sulfate or more than one alcoholic ingredient.  Condition your hair after you wash it, but don't overwash it.  When you wash, the moisture will be lost. Wash your hair every 10 to 20 wears unless you sweat a lot or use a lot of styling products. Use a hair combiner and most add conditioner.  Moisture is everything, even for your natural  For example, clip hair extension, when you are not using it, please put it in professional packaging. Keep the Hair extension hydrated, and extend service life.
  7. Use a wide-toothed comb or a wet/dry soft-toothed brush. Always comb from the bottom and work up the extended weft.
  8. The purpose of pruning. The ends of human hair will eventually dry out and split over time, just like your natural hair. A trim can restore a soft feeling to your hair.
  9. One last thing to consider. If you are constantly changing your "look" from straight to curly/wavy and back again, consider buying two extended sets. One straight roll after another. This way when you switch from straight to curly hair, you can keep hot styling to a minimum. Not only will this reduce your preparation time, but your extensions will last longer when you design them with less heat.
Sorry it's been so long, as you can see, I'm very passionate about what I do!  I hope this basic information will be helpful to some of you.  Visit our Remy Clips to see our full range of in-clip and halo hairstyles. Our friendly staff are always ready to help!

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