How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster? Less Shedding Hair

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster? Less Shedding Hair

Do you want your hair to grow faster? First you have to make sure your hair doesn't fall out, and then our follow-up work can do it better.

If you have long hair and you don't know how to properly care for it. Your hair is often dry and frizzy. You can read this article, I hope it will help you.

1. Massage

You often massage your scalp, massage gently with your fingertips when washing your hair, and treat your hair as gently as possible when brushing your hair. Try to choose a wooden comb, boar bristle brush, or a wet brush, which smoothes the hair shaft with as little damage as possible. Because of this comb, the friction with the hair can be reduced. Therefore, the hair is not knotted and the hair is smooth and silky without drawing.

  • Massage gestures are very important

Use the base of the palm, the pulp of the fingers and the second knuckle to massage, do not use the nails to directly scratch the scalp, which is easy to cause damage to the scalp, causing scalp allergies and causing excessive dandruff and excessive oil secretion.

  • Press the scalp with your fingertips

The way of massaging is like rubbing the scalp, from front to back, down to up.

  • Point and press with gestures like holding a ball

Press the hair with both palms and press the acupoints with fingers interlaced to help relax the scalp.

  • Then press the position of the hairline to lift from front to back

The technique is the same as the second step, starting from the hairline on both sides and pulling the hair up and back.

  • Press the auricular acupoints with your knuckles

Press the acupuncture points around the ears with the second joint of the fingers. This method can eliminate puffiness and relieve head and eyes fatigue.

  • Stimulate the scalp on the top of the head and press hard

Use the pulp of two fingers to grasp the scalp upwards, repeat ten times with pressing and popping techniques.

  • Moderately pull up the hair

Like a braid, insert your fingers into the hair, pull the hair up, and then slowly lower it

2. Don’t Often Perm and Dye Your Hair

Although hair dye technology is very advanced these days, there is no harm in saying hair dye. Because of the ingredients contained in the potion and the existing oxidation, it will cause damage to the scalp, hair, hair follicles, etc., which often manifests as dry hair, especially after fading or lack of shape. The chemicals contained in the potions needed for hair loss, perm and dyeing will cause irritation to the scalp, which may not be seen at first. Moreover, hair dyes mainly contain p-phenylenediamine, which is very harmful to health if eaten in large quantities for a long time. p-phenylenediamine is a recognized carcinogen. Under the premise that the scalp is not damaged, the amount of percutaneous penetration into the human body is small.

If you want to look trendy, you can use hair extensions, especially clip-ins are less damage. You don't need to dye or perm your hair. You can get a fashionable hairstyles. And BLL clip-ins hair are remy human hair to make. And human hair has a softer, silkier and more moisturized texture. These extensions are made from a natural protein and are therefore much softer to touch.

3. Don’t Use Too Much Hair Dryer

Frequent use of a hair dryer can dry your hair, but it can lead to breakage and split ends. Try to avoid the blow dryer as much as possible and let your hair dry as naturally as possible. If you use a blow dryer, don't let it get too close to your hair, as this may burn your hair.

4. Determine The Number of Shampoo

Most young people now wash their hair once a day, thinking that their hair will be clean. Especially for people with frequent hair loss, pay attention to washing your hair for three days, or two days. Don't put too much shampoo every time you wash your hair. It's best now to lather on your hands and then touch your hair.

Now that we have done the maintenance work, we can rest assured about the problem of hair loss. Here's how to make your hair grow faster.

5. Don’t Dry Your Hair

Hair is more fragile when wet, and towel-drying it can cause damage. Toweling your hair can break down the cuticle (the outer layer of hair), causing more damage and causing frizz or fluffy hair. Instead of rubbing, try washing out excess moisture from your hair with a towel. Buy a super absorbent towel that wraps around your hair after washing.

Conclusion: In life, many people have the phenomenon of bad hair quality, why is this? The reason why I don't take good care of it in time is actually, there is no need to spend money to care for your hair, you can have good hair at home, the above is the method of how to care for your hair introduced by the editor.

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