Can Tape in Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Can Tape in Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

What do you think this tape-ins? I think depend on the type of hair extensions you install. To simple to say it, That doesn’t mean they will, but the risk is definitely there. Tape in extensions are very easy to use and they’re usually hassle-free to tape in your natural hair, and the hair extension damage your hair the least out of the other options when use correct way to remove and install this extensions. You should have to little to no hair loss or damage. Please must be patient for this hair extensions.


Tape-in hair extension work for 6-8 weeks for you before your natural hair grow out, please use correct way to use them. They’re pretty effective at adding volume to your hair instantly, especially if you opt for a head of extensions.  


What Damage Does Tape Insertion Cause?


Thinning hair and possibly eventual hair loss

Fragile hair breaks easily

Dry and frizzy hair due to stress

Don’t use right way to remove your tape-ins


How to Use Tape-ins Hair Extensions?

Tape-in extensions are medical grade adhesive tape attached to real human hair that can be attached near the root of your own hair. Extensions are used to make your hair appear longer or fuller when your natural hair grow out. And hair grow is very slow, especially depending on your hair type. Semi-permanent extensions are a good way to get the style you want without waiting.

If you really want to minimize the damages caused by tape-in hair extensions though, there’s one important that care this hair extension, just like your natural hair. Tape-in extensions when you cared for correctly, can last anywhere for 6-8 weeks. You may not want tape extensions to cover your full head. Whether you want extra length or thicker volume, apply them evenly or have them professionally done–especially when it comes to taping extensions at the back of your head.


The tape is light in extension and uses tape that grows with the hair, which is cumbersome to remove. Do not try to simply pull out tape extensions. Doing so can cause damage and balding.


Instead, the bonds of the adhesive must be broken with the use of a solute. You can use a spray form of alcohol or acetone on top of this solute to help the process. Once the adhesive is soaked and loose, gently remove the extensions by peeling it away from your real hair.


You know it's safe to use tape for hair extensions, but you need to be cautious when using it. Remember that if you only need a temporary increase in hair volume, you can look at other types of hair, such as clip-on hair or Halo hair extensions. These two are more expensive than tapes, but they do a gentle job of giving you the volume you need as quickly as possible.  


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