3 Different Ways-How Do I Curl Your Hair?

3 Different Ways-How Do I Curl Your Hair?

What do you often use to style your hair? Or do you just get a perm at the barber's?

There is no doubt that hairstyle is very important. Going after your hair and showing off your beauty will add quality. This image is enough to show others a new self, change their mental outlook. Hairstyle plays an extremely important role in a person's overall image. How a person's image is generally judged by his head image. At this time, people pay more attention to his hairstyle, because it is the expression of a person's external image, but also the exposure of a person's inner temperament.

How to- A Curling Iron

We use heated curling irons for long and fast styling. Unwillingness is a convenient option in a fast-paced life. However, we should not use curling irons too often. According to the video, be sure to use curling irons. Avoid damaging your hair.

Curls are done by curling hair in a hot curling iron. Every time you wrap your hair around the curler, it will curl once. So the more you wrap your hair around your curler, the more curls you will produce. The less you wrap your hair around your curler, the less curly your hair will be. That's why the length of your hair can affect the size of your curlers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of wand sizes: ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1¼ inch, 1½ inch, 2 inch, or larger.

video from @Dacey Cash

It is recommended to use a hair spray before curling your hair and comb your messy hair. For details, you can watch this video. After curly hair, we can properly use hair essential oil to protect the ends of our hair, and use legal hair spray.

How to-Heatless Curls Rribbon

video from Mae Sitler


The Ribbon is a satin loop and a claw holder that helps wrap and immobilise the hair.

Wrap part of your hair around the ribbon, adding a little more to each section, and tie a knot with a scrunchie at the bottom. In particular, it can be worn to sleep, go to the gym, or go out and play for a few hours and then shake your hair into perfect curls, using the tutorial to watch the recommended videos. Finally, a styling spray is also used. The durability of this method will be weaker than that of curly hair.


How to-Flexi Rods (Step by Step)

video from @OKae Kaela


As the name suggests, these foam curlers are easy to bend over and around your hair to hold them in place. Think of it as a long curling iron. You can curl each end of your hair and then fold the ends in as the curls set, and it's very flexible. And depending on how much curl you want, you can choose different sizes. There are 11/16 ", 5/8 "7/8", 1/2 ", 7/16 ", 3/8 ". It's simple. The diameter of The rod, The bigger The curl.

These are the three ways I introduced to curl your hair, there are many ways. But these three kinds belong to, use more, more popular now. Special curls ribbon is popular on Tiktok. If you are interested, you can give it a try according to the content I recommend. If you do it the right way, you'll love it. You can use clip-ins hair Extensions to increase the length and volume of your hair.

No matter which method you choose to curl your hair, the next step is crucial: When you're done, be sure to brush off the curls -- gently with your fingers or a comb -- to make them look more natural. Then use essential hair oil to protect your roots. Once you've achieved the look you want, make the curls last with your styling product of choice and another wave of hair spray.


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